Likapa Design

Broken Spring

Spring is here, but is it? Really? Maybe broken or maybe burning? It is still broken and maybe infected!! It is odd maybe even lost…

Freehand illustrations during the 2020 Spring 
Dimensions: 33 cm x 48 cm
Materials: Faber Castell Ecco pigment, Faber Castell Pitt & Copic Markers


Adobe Live Challenge -Winner
Challenge was creating an illustration in Adobe Photoshop 
with symmetry feature during the live-stream.
Digital illustrations 2019
Dimensions: 33 cm x 48 cm
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Wacom Intuos Pro 

Little Circles

Little Circles are a part of  ‘Little Project Series’
Actions, our actions circle back and find us. Every action takes different roads but in the end it circles back to us.
Freehand illustrations during the 2018 
Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm
Materials: Faber Castell White Pencil & Black Canson 150gr