Likapa Design


EA- BEL means 'Land-Water' in Sumerian,
the ancient language of Babylon.

Land and water represent fertility and are the main elements forming Nature. The collection evokes the idea of fertility throughout the representation of “Leaves”, which you can see in the patterns. The color schemes derived from the contamination of the elements we mentioned: shades of blue, green, and brown.

Hand painted

Most of the collection’s fabrics is hand painted by Likapa. The wooden parts are hand painted with using coffee powder. 

unexpected cuts

Unconventional lines and style, without extremism. All the pieces are uniquely designed by Likapa.

Wooden Details

Likapa uses a special technique to merge textile and wood without stitching. Balsa wood is hand molded, hand carved and hand painted, providing a simple and light touch to the collection.


Photographer: Carolina Prieto
Model: Nayra Vales
Mau: Laura Manganiello

 Chaotic Atmospheres ‘ s Eroded Leaves used to make digital pattern.