Likapa Design

Design Through Haiku

“Haiku” is a form of Japanese Poetry

It is short, raw, deeply related to nature, and evocative. Haiku’s underlying philosophy is Zen, which guided the selection of materials and techniques. The collection is therefore totally created from natural materials and traditional methods. Each piece is connected to a specific Haiku (written by Matsuo Basho), placed in a distinct time in the natural cycle of seasons.

Natural Dyes

Using a traditional natural dying technique, only with pure dried ingredients: aged black tea and moka  coffee. Both tea and coffee were not edible anymore and were upcycled after collecting them from a local spice shop.

Mixing materials

Leather, textile, paper, metal and wood. 5 different natural materials representing the 5 elements of Nature according to Zen philosophy: void, wind, fire, earth, water.

Wood carving

100% handmade by Likapa, using different types of woods for different applications. For example, for bags we used Ayous wood, for rings and earrings Maple wood, for the bracelets and scarfs Balsa wood.


Photographer: Carolina Prieto
Model: Olga Kucharska
MUA: Chiara Nuzzo

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